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<< At least with a Microman, you usually don't have to assemble anything.
 get me wrong, I like building Gundams, but sometimes its real nice to just
 unpack a new figure, play with it, and then put it on your shelf. >>

I know what you mean. If a great figure with good poseability as well as good
detail was made of some of the Gundam's that are kits only, I would rather
have the figure.

A lot of the Gundam mecha I like are kits only and the only way to get a
poseable "figure" of the robot is to buy the kit. If a action figure existed
of some of the designs I like, I would much rather have that, then a kit.

I also like Gundam kits, as they are snap together as well as molded in
mostly the right colors and even if some do require paiting, most are no big
deal to paint little stuff as well as poseable. When I first found Gundam's,
I was shocked(in a good way) to find kits that are molded in color, with non
cheesy snap together assembly as well as, the greatest shock of all, POSEABLE
model kits :)


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