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>I have already started a Gundam site and I signed up for some webspace. I
>would be happy to help you if you needed it.
Well you see, its not that I don't know HTML, Its just that I don't have time
for weekly updates. Added to the fact that I wanna make a "Big" impression on
the gundam Scene, you know like "go to Gundam project for info" or go to
"Mecha Domain for MS profiles".

A good Gunpla review site is like the Newtype Asylum reviews except shorter
and with feed back from other people and a lot more pictures.

I'm pretty sure that Mark, Core, Nightingale Burke, and other's put in
overtime to do this stuff but for me, thats where I need help I don't have the
time nor the patience, I have made 3 different Gundam pages each one, I have
mothballed in the middle because I got no time and get lazy, its just too much
for one guy not to mention I'm leaving in august because I'm goin' in to the

so in short I wanna work Part Time with a page with assistance from

- Roger



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