Chris Beilby (
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 00:04:58 GMT

>1) What was the exact affiliation of Cima and her fleet? Were they part of
>the Federation or just Fed allied?

Cima is a Zeon traitor who was working with the conspiracy in the Fed

>2) The core unit of the Stamen, was that a replica of the GP-01 or was that
>an entirely new suit?

An entirely new suit, the RX-78 GP-03 Dendrobium Stamen

> Also, did its design have anything to do with Kelley's
><sp?> MA (dendrobium orchid, right?)

No more than any other Mobile Armor design would...

>3) What was the name of the unit Gato piloted after he lost the >GP-02?

The AMA-X2 Neue Ziel
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