Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 15:03:54 -0700

>Just another thing to add about the "smart" people at Action Ace. I emailed
>them about thier mistake and this is there reply:Dear Roger,
>Please note we are not currently accepting any new orders. We hope to
>resume doing so very soon.
>Thank you,
>Winston Mathis
>Customer Care Specialist
>WTF does that have to do with thier mistake, I get the feeling they don't
>thier own mail
>- Roger

Hmm, that's not so bad when compared to my recent exchanges with
TokyoPop.com. After telling them to cancel my order which was not shipped
for 3 months, they quietly sent it out immediately without replying to my
e-mail, and then never acknowledged my request to return the item.

HLJ pulled the same stunt recently when they messed up my pre-order for the
MG Dunbine and shipped me a HG Dunbine immediately after I told them
about the mistake.

What I want to know is how did these once excellent e-tailers become so
awful in terms of customer service...


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