Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 14:50:01 -0700

>Back then i used to think that the F-91's real capability is its speed...
>looking at the armor and such, it seems to be too thin compared to the
>i thought it was too fast hence those after-images... also when the pilot
>tried it, it was too fast when it arose from the bay... ALSO, the name...
>as in FORMULA...
>formula one racing anyone???

I think the "armor burn off" theory is more credible, because Iron Mask was
tricked into thinking there were a bunch of F-91s attacking it, and his
confusion was not based on visual cues - he was doing all the defending
against F-91 attacks while he was trying to settle some family dispute
via the Lafressia's psychommu interface (he went through the artificial
strengthening process in order to pilot the MA) and when he determined
that there were too many F-91s to deal with he tossed Berah off and get
back in the cockpit to concentrate on fighting. Watch that final battle
scene again to refersh your memory.


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