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Lim Jyue writes,

> The Federation is a juggernaut by virtue of the fact that it can
> draw manpower and material from each aligned Side. If each Side went
> independent, and refused to allow the Federation to draw from its Side, we
> would end up with 8 roughly equvialent sides..

  Not really an issue after the first two weeks of the war, since the Zeons
gassed and nuked all the other Sides into near-oblivion. Side 6 and the
lunar cities, the only intact space regions, both declared themselves
neutral immediately thereafter. That leaves a single Side 7 research colony,
Luna Two, and the remnants of Sides 1, 2, and 4 as the Federation's only
space assets; collectively, these pale beside the resources of Side 3 and
its space fortresses.

> I don't quite buy the 1/2 population figure -- 1/2 military maybe.

  Yeah, though the opening narration tosses out this figure, there's no
other evidence to support it. It's hard to see how Zeon could have lost half
its population, and depending on whether you could the lost Sides or not,
Federation casualties would be either far less or far more than 50%.

> Abowaku (A'Bao'A'Qu) was solidly in the way of any invading fleet;
> that was the fortress' main purpose.

  Nah, A Bao A Qu wasn't operational until the middle of the war. Ditto

> I believe you are referring to Zeon's nuclear attack on Side 6 in
> 0080? I believe that someone else pointed out that Side 6 was not covered by
> the Treaty and was free game for this kind of attack.

  That was Killing's excuse, but it's kind of gray area legally. And his
motives were more political than tacticial anyway - take out a colony as an
example, to remind Side 6 that it's highly vulnerable should it violate its
ostensible neutrality.

> Did the Federation ever break the Treaty during the OYW?

  Not as far as I know - the nuclear exchanges of the first month predate
the Antarctic Treaty.

-- Mark

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