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Wed, 21 Jun 2000 17:07:52 -0400

I was just wondering we do have a lot of model fans here right? so umm... is
anyone interested in starting a big Gunpla Site, with models, reviews and all
that good stuff, we can have user rated models and and display models built by
all sorts of people, I would do it myself but I know crap about HTML, to prove
it you can go to my site(plus I have no web-space to do it).

And since we always have the same questions on the list, Should i get an
airbrush?, what kind of paint is good? what is a good model to startwith?...
you get the point, we should have somewhere where we can all have those
questions answered.

Anyone interested or have any comments?

I would like to discuss this further publicly so I can get an idea of whats
cool so please mail the list....

- Roger



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