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> >I don't think the Sides had much love for either the Federation or the
>Zeon. I
> >think they felt caught in the middle between two juggernauts with little
> >for their safety.
> Juggernauts? The Federation might be a juggernaut due to its
>population base, but Zeon is by no means a juggernaut. While it does have a
>larger population base than other Sides by virture of its closed cylinder
>types, it is a David vs. Goliath fight when you compare the pure military
>numbers of Zeon vs. Federation. Had another Side went independent and
>started building its military for a decade, it would probably come close to
>matching Zeon's capabilities at the start of the OYW.

Remember, Zeon has twice the population of the other completed sides. A
much greater population base presumably means a correspondingly greater
industrial base. Throw in the force multiplier effect of mobile suits and
the fact that Zeon probably spend a greater percentage of it's GDP on the
military. Take all this into account and Zeo and the Federation are pretty
well matched.

Another Side probably wouldn't have done as well, because it would be
starting from a lower population base. It would take a pair of sides
orbiting a single LaGrange point to do about the same thing.

> The Federation is a juggernaut by virtue of the fact that it can
>draw manpower and material from each aligned Side. If each Side went
>independent, and refused to allow the Federation to draw from its Side, we
>would end up with 8 roughly equvialent sides..
> >Only the casualty figures and the references to the ferocity of the first
> I don't quite buy the 1/2 population figure -- 1/2 military maybe.
> Consider this: Zeon was on the offensive in the first week,
>to wipe out whole fleets of Federation ships. The rest of the Federation
>ships are more likely to be trying to stop the Zeon rampage, as Revil did
>Side 5, rather than launch a punitive attack on Side 3 proper.
> Launching a smart missile loaded with NBC weapons won't work for a
>few reasons. Firstly, Minovsky particles make this form of attack very
>inaccurate. Secondly, the Federation doesn't appear to have a base that
>could strike at Side 3 directly; Granada was firmly in Zeon hands, and
>there was no other Federation base on the far side of the Moon. Thirdly,
>Abowaku (A'Bao'A'Qu at High Frontier) was guarding Side 3 against a fleet
>action against Side 3.

The colony cylinders are in a fixed orbit. Thanks to their extreme mass,
changing that orbit is very difficult. Thus over the near term the
Federation knows exactly where every colony cylinder in Side 3 (or any other
side for that matter) is going to be at any given instant. Since the
Federation can calculate exactly where the colony will be when the missile
arrives, the missile does not need external guidance. Pure inertial
guidance (which is not affected by external interference, like Minovski
particles) should be quite sufficient to hit a 40km long colony cylinder.

As for a location to launch the attack, all your missile needs is enough
delta-V to transfer it from your starting point to L-2 (plus perhaps some
extra for terminal manuvers). Give your missile a big enough gas tank and
you can launch the attack from Luna-2.

> All these combined with the fact that the Federation military
>machine was still getting their butts into gear within the first week made
>the possibility that a Federation attack wiping out half of Zeon's
>population within the first week slightly unbelievable.

A side only has 100-200 colonies. If you attack with a multiple warhead
missile, it would only take a few dozen missiles to destroy half the

> >Twenty years have passed since Zeon seceded, during which it managed to
>pull in
> >the rest of Side 3 and build up a military on par with the much larger
> >Federation, including new weapons that the Federation was still playing
> >catch-up to match.
> In capability, perhaps -- but definitely not in numbers.
> >Zeon strikes without warning, but the Federation, while caught off
> >guard, is not unprepared in the sense of having no retaliatory
> Granted that the Federation might have had the weapons necessary
>inflict that much damage to Zeon's population base, but as I pointed out,
>could the Federation had gotten all these weapons to Side 3?

As I pointed out, quite easily.

> Abowaku (A'Bao'A'Qu) was solidly in the way of any invading fleet;
>that was the fortress' main purpose. A battle might have been fought here,
>which may have depleted Zeon's military reserve, but again, we don't hear
>much Federation action beyond the Battle of Ruum within the first week.
> >And neither side seems particular faithful to the Treaty when they think
> >can get away with it.
> I believe you are referring to Zeon's nuclear attack on Side 6 in
>0080? I believe that someone else pointed out that Side 6 was not covered
>the Treaty and was free game for this kind of attack.
> Did the Federation ever break the Treaty during the OYW?

I don't know of any violations during the war. Afterwards they (or rather,
the Titans) certanly did.

> >Except that, with the Solar Ray, the Axis powers got "The Bomb" before
> >Allies did!
> And what did *that* get them? =)

Snuffed out Degin Zabi pretty well. I think Giren thought he got his
money's worth :-)

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