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I tend to be a classic car guy myself. I like allot of the modern cars you
mentioned, but also like things like a Maseratti 3500, Bora, Ferrari 250SWB,
Dino, 250 LM, Porsches of course (early 911s, 944), lots of British stuff
like Aston Martin DB4s and Triumph TR4/5/6.
Ohhh.... and of course my 1999 BMW M3 ranks high in my book.
I haven't been able to afford the upper end, so I have had some pretty cheap
sports cars (excluding the M3) like an MG midget, Toyota MR2, and a Porsche
So far though... my M3 has been the best.

That's a switch isn't it???? Your Dad wrecking your car? :-)
What kind of sports car did you have and what will get next?

Jeff C


You are driving my future car.... We are moving into a new house in a few
months and by next year after they repave the roads and complete the
driveway I hope to be the owner of a new M3. My wife has been bugging me
for years to buy one because whever we see one I just stand there in awe.
BTW. I have never driven a M3 (other than in my dreams) but I remember
reading that the new M3 will have the same motor as the european spec

Oh well back to Gundam....

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