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Is the Xammel in any way connected to the Dom? I heard it was based off the
ground-use Doms.
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> At 00:00 06/21/2000 -0400, Chris Maier wrote:
> >What's the story behind these OAV mecha? Were they one of a kind, or
> >mass-produced? Kinda curious about where these two fit into the overall
> >timeline.
> The Kampfer, being better known and discussed on the ML, is an
> experimental shock trooper MS. Built for high thrust and a close-in
> load, the Kampfer was designed to break through lines.. and Misha
> broke through the GM line. =)
> Having said that, there appears to be very few Kampfers available.
> In 0080, we see only one, maybe two Kampfers in *total*. There is
> two ideas about the Kampfer -- one, is that the only Kampfer ever made was
> given to the Cyclops team for their mission. The other school of thought
> that the Kampfer was produced in very limited numbers for testing, but the
> war ended before they can be mass-produced.
> The Kampfer's loadout makes it almost useless for space combat;
> almost certainly a ground MS or a colony MS. As for where it fits in the
> timeline... it doesn't. It's a one-off MS project that didn't seem to have
> any ancestors or descendents. In a way, it's like a Gyan, but at least the
> Gyan had descendents.. =)
> As for the Xamel, you can probably tell it's an artiliery MS. =)
> Y prefix implies it's an experimental unit. It's an MS built for long and
> medium range support role, and built at the California base during the
> There was no way the Xamel can be a space MS; it's designed and built for
> ground warfare.
> As for whether it's mass-produced, my guess is no. Firstly, it's
> likely to be an experimental design near the end of the OYW. Secondly,
> huge; 27m long, 121.5 tons fully loaded. It's difficult to mass-produce
> kind of machinery, it's closer to an MA than an MS. Even if it's not an
> experimental design, it's unlikely that there's more than a handful of
> MS around.
> As for the time-line, it seems to be another dead end design,
> although there are superficial similiarities towards Zeta-era big MSes
> The O. That's probably more of a coincidence that any actual relationship
> between the Xamel and them.
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