James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 05:43:54 -0800

>>Actually, the latter mistake, confusing the Nu for V, is quite common and has
>>been very problematic since V Gundam debuted in 1995. Nikaku
>>Animart still had
>>it wrong on one or two items the last time I looked. And we can't
>>really blame
>>them -- it is, after all, literally Greek to them. We can't expect
>>people who
>>are barely literate in English to recognize a completely different alphabet.
>>College graduates, yes; although I'm sure it's possible to earn an
>>MBA without
>>ever cracking a science book or taking a Humanities course.
>>I wonder how Turn A Gundam would've fared had they not spelled it out with
>>"Called Turn A" right there on the logo?
>Ok, granted that the confusion between V and Nu is an honest
>mistake. However, what about the other mistakes that their site is
>rife with?

Hey they should at least hire someone who's a fan of what they are selling!
(I'm bitter because I applied at Actionace and they turned me down- sniff)


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