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Wed, 21 Jun 2000 08:42:37 -0400

Hi Michael,
> That's the thing, $15.00 for such a small Micro-Man figure doesn't make
> for me. I can buy a perfectly fine MG Zaku or Gundam or GM for that price
> Hong Kong and maybe still get some change. The PG Zaku is only around $60
> the MG Dom is only $26! I myself would rather get those kits than
> Micro-Man figures.

You can get MGs for those kind of prices??? I can see your point then!
But... I have to say this.... It's all in what you collect. After paying big
bucks for some of the vintage pieces, I don't mind paying $15.00 for one at
At least with a Microman, you usually don't have to assemble anything. Don't
get me wrong, I like building Gundams, but sometimes its real nice to just
unpack a new figure, play with it, and then put it on your shelf.

> My dream car is a Lambourghini Diablo VT (94-99), don't like the
headlights of
> the 2000 version. I figured a used Diablo about 4 or 5 years from now
> cost around $90,000 to $100.000 by then, which will be something I can
> afford. I've made a promise to myself that I'm gonna get a V-12 car that
> go above 200 mph since I was a kid.

Wow! Yo have VERY good (and expensive) taste in cars.
The Diablos are indeed awesome. What the heck do you do that you could
afford to drop that much on a car? (If you don't mind me asking.)

> I also really like the Ferrari F-355 Spider (ugly ass though), Ferrari
> Testarossa (classic), Ferrari 348 (nicer ass, not as pretty front as 355),
> Ferrari F40 (the bomb!), Lamborghini Countach (coolest looking car ever!),
> Mercedes CLK-GTR. But don't really like the McLaren for some reason.

Yeah... the 355 takes a bit of getting used to. I tend to like the 348 much
better myself too.
The F40 is very cool and the Countach is still a great looking car.
The Mercedes CLK-GTR is cool, but not on my list of favorites.
I don't really care for the McLaren either, but I think that has something
to do with Formula 1. ;-)

> So, what exotic sports cars do you like? My dad totalled my previous
> semi-sports car and I am stuck with a sedan at the moment. I am too poor
> upgrade back to a sports car at the moment.

I tend to be a classic car guy myself. I like allot of the modern cars you
mentioned, but also like things like a Maseratti 3500, Bora, Ferrari 250SWB,
Dino, 250 LM, Porsches of course (early 911s, 944), lots of British stuff
like Aston Martin DB4s and Triumph TR4/5/6.
Ohhh.... and of course my 1999 BMW M3 ranks high in my book.
I haven't been able to afford the upper end, so I have had some pretty cheap
sports cars (excluding the M3) like an MG midget, Toyota MR2, and a Porsche
So far though... my M3 has been the best.

That's a switch isn't it???? Your Dad wrecking your car? :-)
What kind of sports car did you have and what will get next?

Jeff C

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