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"Cocoa" Turn A Gundam OST III

Total time- 59:24
Tracks- 21

1. ?
2. Tsuki no Kujira
3. Modern Life
4. (Kawaisoo) Poor Soshie
5. ?
6. Merrry Bell
7. Innocent Lie
8. Position X
9. Exit
10. Vesper Bell
11. Black History
12. ?
13. (Sabishii) Lonely Kiel
14. The song of a stone
15. Bookisaito (?)
16. Element's
17. Colors of the wind
18. Heavy Duty
19. Sad waltz(?)
20. Moon (something?)
21. ?

Okay, this CD covers the end of the series. It is more mournful,
softer that the other OSTs. All the voices on this CD are female,
from the 4 songs to the pagan-like ritual track to the operatic
chanting. There is not much Celtic influence here. It is mostly
turn-of-the-century european symphonic influenced stuff. The songs
are so-so, but the orchestral tracks are good- plus there are no dud
tracks. I didn't get into the pagan chanting tracks on the other
OSTs but on this one, its not bad. Track 15 is an extended version of
that bluesy guitar line that can be heard throughout the series to
segue between scenes. I really like it and I'm glad they finally put
it on a CD. Track 16 is cool as well. Imagine a very low bass, slowly
throbbing, and getting louder, over which a regular pinging, like a
submarine sonar is laid. Very Gothic, very foreboding!

Good CD. Naturally, Kanno fans shouldn't miss it. The CD comes with 3
jewel-case size stickers depicting the artwork of each Turn-A CD
cover. Oh, the cover on this CD shows a very happy Loran and Diana
done in brown colors.


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