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>What's the story behind these OAV mecha? Were they one of a kind, or
>mass-produced? Kinda curious about where these two fit into the overall

        The Kampfer, being better known and discussed on the ML, is an
experimental shock trooper MS. Built for high thrust and a close-in weapons
load, the Kampfer was designed to break through lines.. and Misha definitely
broke through the GM line. =)

        Having said that, there appears to be very few Kampfers available.
In 0080, we see only one, maybe two Kampfers in *total*. There is generally
two ideas about the Kampfer -- one, is that the only Kampfer ever made was
given to the Cyclops team for their mission. The other school of thought is
that the Kampfer was produced in very limited numbers for testing, but the
war ended before they can be mass-produced.

        The Kampfer's loadout makes it almost useless for space combat; it's
almost certainly a ground MS or a colony MS. As for where it fits in the
timeline... it doesn't. It's a one-off MS project that didn't seem to have
any ancestors or descendents. In a way, it's like a Gyan, but at least the
Gyan had descendents.. =)

        As for the Xamel, you can probably tell it's an artiliery MS. =) The
Y prefix implies it's an experimental unit. It's an MS built for long and
medium range support role, and built at the California base during the OYW.
There was no way the Xamel can be a space MS; it's designed and built for
ground warfare.

        As for whether it's mass-produced, my guess is no. Firstly, it's
likely to be an experimental design near the end of the OYW. Secondly, it's
huge; 27m long, 121.5 tons fully loaded. It's difficult to mass-produce this
kind of machinery, it's closer to an MA than an MS. Even if it's not an
experimental design, it's unlikely that there's more than a handful of these
MS around.

        As for the time-line, it seems to be another dead end design,
although there are superficial similiarities towards Zeta-era big MSes like
The O. That's probably more of a coincidence that any actual relationship
between the Xamel and them.

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