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Leslie_Rashana wrote:

> or if they are in any Varable Fighter.. once they figure out standing
> and fighting agasint Gundam style beam weapons isn't getting them
> anywhere they cna convert ot fighter mode and run rings around them..
> Macross probably has the best transforming mecha of any anime as far as
> speed and overal versatility is concerned, they can switch modes in
> almost an eye-blink

If you are talking about the original series, then no, the Zeta era TMS, transform
much faster than the Valkyries. (based on observation, not hard data)

The Macross plus era valks ar about as fast as Zeta, but Macross 7 Valks are
slower for "dramatic effect" ^_^

Now if you are talking engineering, Kawamori's stuff is much better. My faves are
VF-1 series, and VF-17 series, since they are simple, straight forward
transformations. I'll judge the VF-11 when I get the toy. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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