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>Where Mekton Zeta really shines is its tremendously flexible mecha
>construction system (in its Mekton Zeta Plus technical supplement). Thanks
>to it's system of different scales, you can do everything from Power Armor
>up to Eva sized robots (or even bigger using Excessive Scale) as well as
>virtually any type of vehicle or spacecraft. It's got rules for just about
>any sort of special system you've ever seen inlcuding (but not limited to)
>Super Deformed mecha, androids, thought controled mecha, remote controlled
>mecha, strap on boosters and armor, cloaking devices, AI mecha, organic
>mecha, FTL drives, transformable mecha, combining mecha and lots of others.
>It's really an astoundingly flexible system. The only other RPG that even
>comes close is the DP9 stuff.

Not surprisingly, Jovian Chronicles was originally a Mekton II
setting/supplement, a really impressive one.

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