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<< exactly. how many people would buy stuff from someone who doesn't even
 what they're selling??? >>

  It's really no big deal to me, they either don't care or don't want to take
the time to research what they sale and not everyone is in the "know" about
this stuff. They should have knowledge of what they sale, but a lot don't. If
someone has a huge problem with it, email the dang store and correct them.

  Correct them, instead of complaining about it. As they are probably not
even on the GML! I will email them and correct them, but keep forgetting to
do so. Yes, I made comments about them, but hope like they sounded as jests,
as they are meant. We actually care about Gundam and I feel its our duty to
inform the stores who sale the product that they are mislabeling it, in a
nice and reasonable manner, of course. If we don't inform them, who will?


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