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>What exactly is Mekton/Mekon Z? Where can i find it? Where can i find other
>things like Mekton?

Mekton Zeta is the third version of the Mekton Role Playing Game, published
by R. Talsorian Games (which also publishes other RPGs including Cyberpunk,
Teenagers in Outer Space). RTG also used the same system (or parts of it at
least) for liscenced RPGs based on Bubblegum Crisis and AT Votoms. It's
basically a game system for roleplaying various types of Giant Robot anime.

It's is a generic system which can be used to simulate just about any anime
show, but it owes quite a lot to Gundam. There are some spots where you can
see the subtle (and not so subtle) references to Gundam, as well as other

Where Mekton Zeta really shines is its tremendously flexible mecha
construction system (in its Mekton Zeta Plus technical supplement). Thanks
to it's system of different scales, you can do everything from Power Armor
up to Eva sized robots (or even bigger using Excessive Scale) as well as
virtually any type of vehicle or spacecraft. It's got rules for just about
any sort of special system you've ever seen inlcuding (but not limited to)
Super Deformed mecha, androids, thought controled mecha, remote controlled
mecha, strap on boosters and armor, cloaking devices, AI mecha, organic
mecha, FTL drives, transformable mecha, combining mecha and lots of others.

It's really an astoundingly flexible system. The only other RPG that even
comes close is the DP9 stuff.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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