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> At least you can draw :) I am writing a mecha stroy as well, but am
>creating(trying to) my own type of mecha, conflicting forces, universe, etc.
>Wish I had someone that could draw worth a darn to draw some mecha for me. I
>can draw very boxy, one side, views of mechs with graph paper, but cannot
>draw streamlined, humanoid mechs. I have patience to write out my story and
>stuff, but have no patience when it comes to learning to draw.

This sounds like a plan. why not let's all join forces? I mean, I also
have a Gundam WIng fanfic where I modified the MS, and I can't draw worth a
damn either. Are there any artists willing to help us here? <starts
thinking real hard in the hopes of becoming Newtype and sensing all the

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