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> >That blade cuts both ways. To the Federation High Command, the colonies were
> >expendable.
> So the Sides have no love for the Federation, but viewed the Zeon
> Archduchy as the weaker side of the two in the OYW, and hence would not have
> supported Zeon directly in the OYW?

I don't think the Sides had much love for either the Federation or the Zeon. I
think they felt caught in the middle between two juggernauts with little regard
for their safety. That being said, you'd have idealists and cynics who would
embrace or reject the Federation or the Zeon with enough fervor to ignore any
inconvenient facts. Side 6 is the only colony in which people were free to
express their views for, against, or indifferent. Everywhere else there was a
both local and a Federation government, neither of which was impartial or

> >During those six to eight months, both sides had been reduced to half their
> >original population, which means that the Federation gave as good as it got,
> >percentage wise.
> Blackeagle was kind enough to point this out to me, but I still have
> no idea when this reduction of Zeon's population took place. For Zeon to
> lose half of its population, the Federation must have staged an attack on
> Side 3 proper; I don't think military losses could account for half of
> Zeon's losses. But I have never heard of a Federation counterattack within
> the first half-year or so of the OYW. Was there any direct reference to such
> an action?

Only the casualty figures and the references to the ferocity of the first week.
Compare the situation between the Federation and Zeon as analogous to the Cold
War that was still a major fact of life in 1979 when Gundam was first broadcast.
Twenty years have passed since Zeon seceded, during which it managed to pull in
the rest of Side 3 and build up a military on par with the much larger
Federation, including new weapons that the Federation was still playing catch-up
to match. Zeon strikes without warning, but the Federation, while caught off
guard, is not unprepared in the sense of having no retaliatory capability. To
the contrary, the Federation launches everything in the arsenal -- NBC warfare
was not a one-side affair here -- and toast as much of Zeon as they can before
running out of ammo.

In other words, it's World War III at a couple of removes.

> The treaty signed also hammered another nail into Zeon's coffin;
> without the use of NBC weapons as an equalizer, Zeon cannot hope to match
> the manpower and material of the Federation. Without this equalizer, there
> was no way that Zeon could have won, especially without the other Sides'
> direct support.

Well, both Zeon and the Federation were developing SOLAR weapons, not covered by
the Treaty. The Zeon got there first with the Solar Ray giant laser, but the
Federation wasn't far behind with the Solar System mirror array. And neither
side seems particular faithful to the Treaty when they think they can get away
with it.

> The parallel of this to Japan's involvement in WW2 isn't lost to me.

If you look at the pattern of battles and the naming conventions, it's clear
that all of the Terrestrial action is a transposition of the European Theater of
Operations, while all of the space action is a transposition of the Pacific
Theater of Operation.

Except that, with the Solar Ray, the Axis powers got "The Bomb" before the
Allies did!


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