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> But presumably any capable technician could
configure a bio-computer. Each
> of the Crossbone Gundams has one, and Seabook's mom is
nowhere in sight.
> (Maybe Seabook learned how to do it in the interim...
it's interesting to
> picture him configuring it for Zabine!)

Maybe, as he was an engineer student, but I didn't know
he was this good ^_^

> At any rate, the Crossbone Vanguard circa 0133 has
only one likely newtype
> (i.e. Tobia Arronax - whatever latent abilities
Seabook and Cecily may have
> isn't enough for them to be characterized as newtypes
in Crossbone Gundam).
> Yet they have three top-of-the-line, bio-computer-
equipped Gundams at their
> disposal. If all they had was the psycommu system, the
only person who could
> use it would be the inexperienced Tobia.

But I thought almost all NT-friendly technology is
almost non-existing in the F91 era (I believe Iron
Mask's MS was his own invention), so it's unlikely
anybody would have psycommu....

> Sure. I didn't pick up the PG Zeta, but I suppose I
can scope out the HG
> and MG manuals from my own archives...

If anybody here have the time and the ability to read
Japanese, I can put my scan of the PG manual on the

> Whereas, under the influence of the EXAM system (or
the Zero system, for
> that matter), you just want everyone _else_ to die. ;-)

Really? Don't know anything about EXAM, except that it
contain the "spirit" of a NT, right (Marion, I think)?

-Edmund Chiu

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