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> >read this and weep...........
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> >http://shop.actionace.com/cgi-bin/ActionAce.storefront/EN/Product/BAN1042000
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> >sheesh, they didn't even read the box
> Oy Gevalt! Don't these nitwits even know the difference between the Nu and
> the Re-GZ? Or the difference between the greek letter Nu and the roman
> letter V?

Actually, the latter mistake, confusing the Nu for V, is quite common and has
been very problematic since V Gundam debuted in 1995. Nikaku Animart still had
it wrong on one or two items the last time I looked. And we can't really blame
them -- it is, after all, literally Greek to them. We can't expect people who
are barely literate in English to recognize a completely different alphabet.
College graduates, yes; although I'm sure it's possible to earn an MBA without
ever cracking a science book or taking a Humanities course.

I wonder how Turn A Gundam would've fared had they not spelled it out with
"Called Turn A" right there on the logo?


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