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Edmund Chiu writes,

> Yeah, but Seabrook's mother, Monica, is one of those
> people who invent the thing, and if bio computer
> requires a person like her to "train" the bio-computer,
> they might as well just try to find other NTs....

  But presumably any capable technician could configure a bio-computer. Each
of the Crossbone Gundams has one, and Seabook's mom is nowhere in sight.
(Maybe Seabook learned how to do it in the interim... it's interesting to
picture him configuring it for Zabine!)

  At any rate, the Crossbone Vanguard circa 0133 has only one likely newtype
(i.e. Tobia Arronax - whatever latent abilities Seabook and Cecily may have
isn't enough for them to be characterized as newtypes in Crossbone Gundam).
Yet they have three top-of-the-line, bio-computer-equipped Gundams at their
disposal. If all they had was the psycommu system, the only person who could
use it would be the inexperienced Tobia.

> I wonder if that manual like thing for Perfect Grade
> Zeta explain anything about that bio sensor. I have them
> scanned, so Mark, care to "take a look" and see if
> there's anything about that? While you're at it, can you
> see what's Camille's contribution toward Zeta is?

  Sure. I didn't pick up the PG Zeta, but I suppose I can scope out the HG
and MG manuals from my own archives...

> Yeah, but that's because that guy wants to die ^_^

  Whereas, under the influence of the EXAM system (or the Zero system, for
that matter), you just want everyone _else_ to die. ;-)

-- Mark

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