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Here's a track-by-track breakdown of my impressions after two listens
through it. Overall, its not bad. Certainly not Yoko Kanno's best work to
date, but there are a few gems in here. On a few tracks she really went all
out with the celtic influences she experimented with on the Brain Powered
OST, but seeing as my mother's family is Scottish, and I grew up in Cape
Breton, I've always loved celtic music, and its really neat seeing what
Japanese composers do with it, so your milage may vary =)
The Song "Moon" is by far and a way the best track here.

the stuff in the [square brackets] are my attempts at translating any
romanized lyrics that weren't already translated. Feel free to correct me =)

1 - Spiral Re-born - Chorus of female vocalisations .. sorta humming i guess
=) ... not really great.

2 - Chi no fuchi no genri - Fairly odd song. Feels a bit like some of the
Sharon Apple songs from Macross Plus, without the electronic element.
Towards the middle of the song it improves quite a bit and becomes quite

3 - Gunka no kioku [Memory of a War Song? War Song Remembrance?] - Hopeful
sounding song. Wouldn't be out of place in Macross Plus.

4 - Chi yori hazumeto - Very reminiscent of the music from Macross Plus,
soaring notes with a full orchestral accompaniment. Quite good for
background music.

5 - The First Advent ~ Kami no aza - Starts out sorta dull, but gets a nice
chanting choir going fairly quickly, which redeems it, actually making it
reasonably cool. Closest to her work on Escaflowne.

6 - The Second Advent ~ Kami no ts - Has some good points, but nothing

7 - The Third Advent ~ Chi ni hiso - Mellow, laid back with heavy strings,
picks up in the middle with a few extra instruments. Pretty generic, if you
ask me.

8 - Final Shore ~ Oo, sairin ariya - Closer to her work on the Escaflowne
score, it has the same feel as some of the tracks from there (notably Dance
of Curse). Heavy orchestral influences with a great choir singing. One of my

9 - Moon - Definately the standout track on the disk. Very celtic feel,
great vocals (anyone know who the singer is?). Easily one of my favorite
Yoko Kanno songs ever.

10 - Yoigoshi no inori [Overnight Prayer? Would make sense in the context of
the show] - I do believe this song was played during the first episode when
you first see the White Idol. Sorta tribal I guess =)

11 - Oshaberi Soshie - Celtic influences right from the start, but a bit
more folky than Brain Powered ever was. Not bad.

12 - Days - The second best track on the disc. Sort of a happy song. Sorta
reminds me of some of the better Final Fantasy songs, actually.

13 - Ojousan, naishobanashi desu [Daughters Secret Talk? Whispering
Daughters?] - Guitars and male japanese vocals to start with. Can't say I
really care for the singer though. It's relatively short, so I'm assuming
this was probably an ED?

14 - Gwen Lineford's Limousine - Huge celtic influences, moreso than
anything on the Brain Powered OST. Definately something you'd expect to hear
in a Newfoundland Kitchen Party, not something you'd expect in a show
involving giant robots. Very cool song though.

15 - Girls Rule - Woodwinds and strings aplenty. Can't really think of
anything it reminds me of offhand, and it definately feels like a deperture
for her. It wouldn't be out of place in Fantasia, for one thing.

16 - Quiet Landing - Quiet strings, blending into some woodwinds. Not bad
for what it is, but nothing really special.

17 - Air Plant - Pretty cool song, overall. Neat combination of instruments.
If it was a bit heavier it could pass for soft rock. Awfully short though.

18 - Koujiku no nazoru mono - Another one I can't really liken to anything
she's done before. Some parts of it remind me a lot of John Williams Star
Wars works ... not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

19 - Ondori no you ni - Fairly fast song with a full orchestra ... probably
one of my least favorites on the disk. Doesn't really feel like her work,
and nothing sets it apart from anything else.

20 - Kyuuyaku no kataru tokoro [place of reciting the old testament?] - Big
drum beating at the start. More chanting (can't really tell if its Japanese
or not). Second drumbeat comes in towards the middle. Memorable, but not

21 - The Song of a Stone - Starts out slow, with some operatic influences
towards the middle. Not bad, but not terribly memorable.

22 - Boys about 16 - Another song with male vocals, and an odd percussion
sound in the background. Oddly enough, it also picks up about a minute and a
half in, and gets some female background vocals. Sorta Peter Gabriel like, I

23 - 5'4 Moon - Acoustic version of Moon, I believe. Also very good, but the
guitar is a little too overpowering, considering the nice flute playing in
the background. Celtic-ness is very apparent here.

24 - Felicity - Beautiful song. Gets the award for third best song.

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