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>Aye, there must be a step system to getting MS's, like starting with Leo's.
> in the gundam system i admin'ed, everybody started out with five different
>types of GM's, and then they had to earn money (or sweet talk the usually
>female mechanics -- something I got from 0083) to upgrade their GM's. if
>they did the right stuff, then they would be asked to test out prototypes.
>If they really lucked out, they would get to pilot the really nice stuff.
>Of course, there were situations where a nasty ms would be just there,
>abandoned...but I made sure that these had spare parts that were hell to
>get a hold of..
>It made for intersting game play, since one's own MS was a direct
>reflection of one's luck and prowess.

>Richard "Richie" Ramos, Associate Editor

cool... for the Gundam W RPG guild, Gemini I explained simple gundam
weaponryand junk, but look at how much that helped, an hour after i wrote it
up and sent it some guy invented a "Level 6 Bio-Gundanium" that was living and
was impervious to everything...

- Roger



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