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Blackeagle wrote:
> >We actually made a scenario where (thanks to Rifts) gundams and macross
> >units got into a fight...the moment the SDF-1 fired the main guns, any
> >gundam using minovsky drive boost systems (getting paticles from the
> >surroundings) got auto shutdowns, because of the vast amounts of charged
> >particles in the air...including minovski particles...we later figured that
> >this was slightly hooey, but it made for a great scene. by the way, the
> >gundams won because they charged in for close combat...beam sabers and
> >autocannon rifles do not mix, LOL!
> But what if the Macros guys were using VF-11s:
> Amuro's Gundam raises it's beam saber high to dramatically slice Isamu
> Dyson's VF-11 in half . . .
> Then the Isamu pops out his VF-11s bayonet and stabs the Gundam through the
> cockpit.
or if they are in any Varable Fighter.. once they figure out standing
and fighting agasint Gundam style beam weapons isn't getting them
anywhere they cna convert ot fighter mode and run rings around them..
Macross probably has the best transforming mecha of any anime as far as
speed and overal versatility is concerned, they can switch modes in
almost an eye-blink

> > >Actually I'd say Mekton Zeta (when combined with it's technical
> >supplement
> > >Mekton Zeta Plus) can do a pretty good job of it. Hell, it's even got
> >rules
> > >for Super Deformed mecha.
> >
> >yeah, but one still has to tweak to one's liking...like that damn gp02a
> >bazooka.
> Well, they've got rules for nukes. Figuring out the correct stats might be
> a pain though. Of course, the referee could just declare nuclear weapons
> are to be handled at Excessive Scale.
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