Wed, 21 Jun 2000 00:23:57 +0000

> I've been doing more research in the interim. Plus,
they published the F91
> Data Collection and a Gundam F91 film comic recently,
which jogged my memory
> a bit...

Oh.. I guess that's good, for us at least....

> They don't seem to have a lot of fancy cooling
hardware... then again,
> they don't have much fancy psycommu hardware or bio-

Or anything that's really good....

> It's still far easier to hand-tune a computer system
to a specific pilot
> than to produce predictable newtypes.

Yeah, but Seabrook's mother, Monica, is one of those
people who invent the thing, and if bio computer
requires a person like her to "train" the bio-computer,
they might as well just try to find other NTs....

> Hm. Well, it does have all those vents on its chest,
and for all we know
> the weird detailing on its shoulder binders could have
some cooling
> function... I'll check the HG-UC kit manual and see if
it mentions anything
> on the subject.

I wonder if that manual like thing for Perfect Grade
Zeta explain anything about that bio sensor. I have them
scanned, so Mark, care to "take a look" and see if
there's anything about that? While you're at it, can you
see what's Camille's contribution toward Zeta is?

> That's the same operating time as the Big Zam's I-
field barrier, and you
> remember how much damage that thing was able to do. :-)

Yeah, but that's because that guy wants to die ^_^

-Edmund Chiu

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