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Chris Beilby wrote:
> >sure but not all of us can get it is that ok with you?????????????
> I suggest that you calm down. I'm not trying to put down your game. I'm
> just giving you some friendly advice, which it is obvious that you don't
> want to take. If you don't take it, that's your choice. However, if you
> respond to your players in the same way that you're responding to the
> messages from the list, you'll find that people aren't going to want to play
> with you. I've been gaming for 20 years, and I've seen it many times. The
> gamemaster who abuses his players quickly loses those players. Remember
> that...
AMEN! i know ow that feels, i'm involved in a Macross-basedanime RPG
over a BBS which uses the Palladium Mega-Damage system used in Macross
II/Robotech ... i got in on the VFX project and esigned a heavy if slow
Variable fighter attack craft, considering Palladium has no construction
rules and i had to build mine based on extrapolation and supposition i
think i did pretty well.. but our GM has a habit of haggling with me
over how realistic the stats are, accepting my changes, then after i've
re-submitted the altered design changing it further without so much as
asking and wiht no consideratoin for it's intende function or the desing
philosophy behind it.. this can get so frustrating sometimes i almost
wanna put my fist throgh my monitor!

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