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Tue, 20 Jun 2000 04:19:17 -0700

Chris Beilby wrote:

> The game system I use on Gundam MUSH is Mekton Zeta, which is extremely easy
> to learn to use and teach. They don't have to have the game to play on the
> MUSH... Or if they play White Wolf/Storyteller, you can simply adapt that.
> Other good systems are out there as well, such as Big Eyes, Small Mouth and
> it's Mecha Expansion, Big Robots, Cool Starships. In all of these cases,
> the only one who actually has to have the game is the Game Master himself...

Sounds cool. Mabey I'll check it out when I have time. I haven't gamed in years,
since a friend who was into it moved away. It always seemed like a pain to keep
track of the stats. Something simple like "Teenagers from Outer Space" was more
my cup of tea.

---Brett Jensen

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