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Just a thought, but by the time Z or X is released, perhaps the Wing fans
will have been so cracked out that they buy or at least rent the other gundam
video releases... Now, while there's nothing connecting gundam x to any of
the prior releases, to someone that's seen everything that came out before (Z
or X), Z seems the logical choice... I mean, we'll have seen MSG, 08th MST,
0080, 0083 ..... Zeta is the next logical step in that direction.. maybe if
the video sales of UC tapes pick up we'll see zeta?

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> We're all assuming that 'X' would be more accessable to Wing fans, since it
> is the only story in it's universe. I'm not really sure that's the case.
> It's certanly more standalone than Zeta. However, when any UC Gundam fan
> hears the brief description of the war in the first episode, they'll
> instantly make make the connection to the OYW. New Gundam fans (or fans
> with only Wing experience) won't be able to make that connection. It may
> just be a matter of some more exposition in certain spots, but it's
> something to be considered.

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