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Edmund Chiu writes,

> Really? I remember having similar discussion a year ago and nobody can
> come up with the "official" explanation of F91's afterimage....

  I've been doing more research in the interim. Plus, they published the F91
Data Collection and a Gundam F91 film comic recently, which jogged my memory
a bit...

> I wonder why V2 or most of the MS in V's era has similar cooling
> system....

  They don't seem to have a lot of fancy cooling hardware... then again,
they don't have much fancy psycommu hardware or bio-computers.

> But I thought people mentioned in F91 that one of the reason why
> Seabrook do so well in F91 is because her mother made the bio computer and
> maybe "tune" it to his thoughts much better than other pilots. If that's the
> case, I don't think bio-computer would be that useful in general, since it
> need to be "specialized" for each pilot....

  It's still far easier to hand-tune a computer system to a specific pilot
than to produce predictable newtypes.

> But I don't see any special cooling system for Quebeley....

  Hm. Well, it does have all those vents on its chest, and for all we know
the weird detailing on its shoulder binders could have some cooling
function... I'll check the HG-UC kit manual and see if it mentions anything
on the subject.

> Then what's the use of it? 15 minutes is nothing.... (unless it's like
> that V-MAX from Layzner....)

  That's the same operating time as the Big Zam's I-field barrier, and you
remember how much damage that thing was able to do. :-)

-- Mark

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