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It all depends on what the best source they have available is.
When you see that a DVD has been "digitally remastered" it means they've
actually gone back to the original source and recreated everything using
digital technology wherever possible.
However, thats not always possible. For example, I picked up the Kurosawa
classic Yojimbo on DVD, but it was practically unwatchable. The source
they had was so degraded it just didn't look good ... I think they used
the best condition movie studio reel they could find, and it really showed
its age.
We might actually be lucky, though. The DVD's could be created from
Laserdisc source, which wouldn't be perfect, but would be acceptible, in
the case that the original source is unusable. That is assuming the MSG
LD's were of decent quality =)

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> Blackeagle wrote: > > IIRC, there is some cost associated with transfering the video to > > digital format. Making sure you don't get any weird analog to video > > artifacts that kind of stuff. However, a U.S. DVD release probably > > Kind of OT... wonder if anyone knows how 20 yr old TV series are > archieved? I assume the cel animation was photographed on film? Then the > film was transferred (and mixed with voice/sound fx tape) to tape for > broadcast? > > So how are the LDs and DVDs made? Did they go back to the film (for > maximum video quality) and remaster the original voice/sound effect tapes? > It would kind of suck if they just digitize the TV tape... > > Name: Core > Patient ID: #1 > Room: > Condition: Critical > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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