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> Actually, most of the books spend at least some page space on the MEPE
> stuff.

    Really? I remember having similar discussion a year ago and nobody can
come up with the "official" explanation of F91's afterimage....

> > So F91 is really state of the art, then?
> At least in terms of cooling systems. :-)

    I wonder why V2 or most of the MS in V's era has similar cooling

> > Is the bio-computer really that useful?
> That's the question. Well, the F91 and Crossbone Gundam _are_ pretty
> impressive. I wonder how much of their capabilities depend on having a
> newtype pilot, or does the bio-computer work to some extent even with
> humans?

    But I thought people mentioned in F91 that one of the reason why
Seabrook do so well in F91 is because her mother made the bio computer and
maybe "tune" it to his thoughts much better than other pilots. If that's the
case, I don't think bio-computer would be that useful in general, since it
need to be "specialized" for each pilot....

> Yeah, surely a psycommu system - especially an experimental compact
> version - would be a huge heat generator.

    But I don't see any special cooling system for Quebeley....

> Don't remember off the top of my head, but I recall reading it was
> something like 15 minutes.

    Then what's the use of it? 15 minutes is nothing.... (unless it's like
that V-MAX from Layzner....)

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