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>I really wouldn't call this too many messages. I've been on mailing lists
>with daily outputs in the 300-500 message ranges...
>There already is a newsgroup, alt.anime.gundam i believe, but I'd be
>adverse to following it regularly. With a mailing list, everything is
>right there in my inbox, which i check every hour or so anyway, and I
>don't need another program, and don't need to remember to check a

I'd second all of the above. I think MLs are far superior to newsgroups.

>Perhaps the listmaster can setup a digest mode where you get a single
>mailing with all of the posts made throughout the day? I know a lot of
>other large lists do this.

Some of the B5 lists I was on had this feature. They actually implemented
it a little differently. Whenever a certain number of messages had built up
it would send a digest (so if the list was really active you might get
several in a single day) and then it sent whatever was left over at
midnight. It works out pretty nice for people who want to keep track of the
various discussions but don't want to deal with the large volume of posts.

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