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> Ah, but you see the difficulty that the Titans and Axis had in finding
> _any_ natural newtypes, which is why they resorted to creating schizo
> artificial ones and mass-producing cloned ten-year-olds. Clearly, for the
> Titans at least, their hardware budget is not the limiting factor. So if
> can find a technological solution that allows you to create 20
> newtype-equivalent mobile suits, and money is no object, well...

    Like I said, they just don't want to find the natural NT (I believe all
higher ups don't trust the NT, as they think it's better to control
artificial NT). Almost every UC Gundam after Zeta has "hint" that the
government and most people just want to keep people's impression of NT as it
is - they are more like a fairy in the legend than real things....

> > I thought somebody has already said that Katejina is an artificial NT in
> > the V Gundam novels....
> Fara Griffon, yes, but I'm not sure about Katejina.

    Well, I think it was from the really old V Gundam discussion we had a
couple of years ago....

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