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Edmund Chiu writes,

> I thought they never really bother with the "after-image" thing....

  Actually, most of the books spend at least some page space on the MEPE

> So F91 is really state of the art, then?

  At least in terms of cooling systems. :-)

> Is the bio-computer really that useful?

  That's the question. Well, the F91 and Crossbone Gundam _are_ pretty
impressive. I wonder how much of their capabilities depend on having a
newtype pilot, or does the bio-computer work to some extent even with normal

> I never really thought about it, but it make sense. Maybe that's why the
> bio sensor in Zeta was "used" so sparingly ^_^

  Yeah, surely a psycommu system - especially an experimental compact
version - would be a huge heat generator.

> It make sense, but I guess that Tomino had never even thought about
> something like that, so people just let it be. How long can EXAM run, btw?

  Don't remember off the top of my head, but I recall reading it was
something like 15 minutes.

-- Mark

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