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Tue, 20 Jun 2000 14:20:02 -0700

Edmund Chiu writes,

> Because it will probably be cheaper to depend on those "freaks" than to
> invent something that can do the damages NT can do....

  Ah, but you see the difficulty that the Titans and Axis had in finding
_any_ natural newtypes, which is why they resorted to creating schizo
artificial ones and mass-producing cloned ten-year-olds. Clearly, for the
Titans at least, their hardware budget is not the limiting factor. So if you
can find a technological solution that allows you to create 20
newtype-equivalent mobile suits, and money is no object, well...

> I thought somebody has already said that Katejina is an artificial NT in
> the V Gundam novels....

  Fara Griffon, yes, but I'm not sure about Katejina.

-- Mark

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