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> > Well, we all want the max number of eps. per disk, but Bandai's got to
> > enough disks to make money. It's a fine line to walk.
>Very true. Most anime DVD's are about 21$ in actual stores (list price
>being anywhere from 25 to 35$) with anywhere from 3 to 5 episodes per
>disc. From what I heard, Outlaw star will have 9 episodes per disc (8 on
>the third, since there are only 26 eps), priced at about 45$ per disc. So
>really, the price works out to be about the same as doing 4 or 5 episodes
>per disc, but the real beneft being you get the whole series in 6 months,
>assuming a bimonthly DVD release, versus a year or more (gah!@# middle of
>next year before the last trigun dvd is released). Then again, look at
>what they're doing with the Kenshin DVD's ... 5 episodes per DVD, one DVD
>released every 2 weeks (last I heard anyway). Very helpful when its a 96
>ep TV series =) Still gonna take the better part of a year for the whole
>she-bang to be released though.

That price structure sounds pretty good. Say they released Zeta at $25 per
5 ep disk. Total cost for the series would be $250 ($245 if they give us a
break on whichever tape has 4 episodes) which seems to be significantly less
than prices I've heard for the LD box sets in Japan.


> > The original series would definitely be a risk. One possibility would
>be to
> > release it sub only for hardcore fans. It seems like that would have a
> > lower front end cost for Bandai, thus reducing the risk.
> >
>Highlt likely. Either a sub-VHS and sub-DVD release, or possibly only a
>sub DVD release .. thanks to DVD subtitling, the upfront cost would be
>quite low, and DVD's are much cheaper to produce than VHS...

IIRC, there is some cost associated with transfering the video to digital
format. Making sure you don't get any weird analog to video artifacts that
kind of stuff. However, a U.S. DVD release probably wouldn't have to bear
even all of that cost if they simultaniously released the original series on
DVD in Japan (which I think they would, otherwise they'd end up with people
importing U.S. Gundam DVDs back to Japan :-)


> > We're all assuming that 'X' would be more accessable to Wing fans, since
> > is the only story in it's universe. I'm not really sure that's the
> > It's certanly more standalone than Zeta. However, when any UC Gundam
> > hears the brief description of the war in the first episode, they'll
> > instantly make make the connection to the OYW. New Gundam fans (or fans
> > with only Wing experience) won't be able to make that connection. It
> > just be a matter of some more exposition in certain spots, but it's
> > something to be considered.
> >
>I never really thought about it like that, actually. With a little dubbed
>exposition at the start of Zeta explaining the setup of the war it could
>work... Zeta is probably the best option for Bandai right now. Loads of
>merchandise already out there, ready to be brought here, lots of MS's to
>give the kids stuff to buy, and they just might gain some moer "adult"
>viewers. Compare that to X which was a notable flop, which has a more
>limited marketing potential... Plus they're going to run out of alternate
>universes pretty quick, so Bandai might consider giving us UC now to try
>and spark interest in that. MSG/Z/ZZ/V is certainly a bigger property than
>any alternate continuity..

Cartoon Network would probably have to show the MS Gundam movie trilogy
before it shows the original series. Another possibility would be to make
Zeta a 50 episode series by cutting together a flashback/explanaton episode
from MSG footage. It would have to be fairly rushed to cover the whole
series in a half hour though. While people who've seen the movies (much
less the TV series) probably wouldn't think much of this, it would give new
viewers the information they need.

Acutally, this just brought to mind something that true Gundam fans probably
would go for. What if Bandai did a half hour of new animation to make the
flashback episode? Reanimating the original series is an idea that's been
tossed around several times on this list. While that may be unlikely a
single episode may be within the realm of possibility.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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