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> > Even if it's a "1-way" only communication, it's still communication,
> > right?
> Yeah, but it's just wild beat communication, man. :-)

    Why did you have to bring in Gundam W into a perfectly fine UC related
discussion ^_^

> Yeah, Angel Halo aside, most of the applications of newtype technology
> V Gundam are pretty mundane. But then again, why bother advancing the
> technology if it depends on a handful of unpredictable freaks?

    Because it will probably be cheaper to depend on those "freaks" than to
invent something that can do the damages NT can do....

> Katejina seems a good candidate. I should look at the V Gundam novels
> again and see if Tomino mentions anything along these lines...

    I thought somebody has already said that Katejina is an artificial NT in
the V Gundam novels....

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