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Edmund Chiu asks,

>> Oh, and speaking of F91 - as in your email address - did I ever mention
>> the official explanation for the F91's after-images? It's pretty cool.
> I don't think so. What's the official explanation? I thought it has to
> do with the heat bio-computer generate and stuff like that...

  Okay, here's the scoop (as per assorted F91 reference books)...

  The after-images are generated as a byproduct of the Metal Peel-off Effect
(abbreviated MEPE), one of the F91's arsenal of heat-dissipating gimmicks.
When it's running at peak performance, with the biocomputer enabled, the F91
has to use every means at its disposal to dump the excess heat. In addition
to the opening face vent and the pop-out radiator fins, it can actually burn
off the outer layers of its armor, shedding thin layers like a snake
shedding its skin. These cast-off armor layers create the after-images that
so vexed Karoso Ronah.

  I'm actually working up a theory about mobile suit heat regulation. I
suspect that the "limiter" to which we occasionally see cryptic references
is a heat-regulating system that reins in the mobile suit's performance to
prevent overheating. When the pilot turns off the limiter, they can crank up
the power for a limited time but must keep an eye on the heat buildup lest
they screw up the mobile suit. (Kind of like how ace pilots sometimes turn
off the AMBAC auto-balancing system so they can engage in wacky unbalanced

  This would explain the "Max Power" mode Shiro engages in 08th MS Team, and
the short operating time of the Blue Destiny when it's running the EXAM
system. But so far, I haven't found any written explanation of the limiter
system, so this is still just speculation.

-- Mark

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