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Originally, the Bits on the Elmes was to use a generator to run the
mechanics and beam cannon... the funnels use a CAP system so it could be
smaller. However, the name funnel is because it looks like one... The
Nu-Gundam's fin funnels, on the other hand... i guess funnels just became a
conventional word by then..


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> Blackeagle wrote:
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> > I was just wondering, why exactly are they called 'Fin Funnels'?
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> Originally, they were called Psycommu Bits (in the Gundam movies and TV
> series). Later, in Z Gundam, they were nicknamed "funnels" (it's
> actually "jyougo" in Japanese) because of the way they were shaped - the
> Quebeley's "bits" were sort of shaped like flying funnels (one of the
> characters in Z actually said that, I just can't remeber who...).
> However, due to the way it's pronounced in Japanese, they spelled it
> "fanneru" in Katakana. Then they Romanized it into "fannel"
> (dropping the last "u" but not knowing it was still spelled wrong).
> Ever since CCA, it's pretty much been spelled "fannel" consistantly, and
> most people don't even know why, or why they were called that in the
> first place. The Nu Gundam's "fannel" are shaped like a "fin" (sort
> of) - hence the name "fin fannel". [end of Gundam trivia]
> Trevor in California
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