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So true.

So if the marketing people at AnimeVillage are on the ball it could be that
we could get Zeta on TV and eventually DVD.

Although we are on the Gundam mailing list, has there been any other show
besides Star Trek where a show that has been off the air for almost 20 years
has been so anxiously been awaited.......

Believe in the sign of Zeta... Beyond the hard times from now....

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>Not discounting Zeta (my fav. Gundam) but I would think that Mobile Fighter
>G-Gundam would do much better in the NorthAmerican market. Bandai would
>bring in the DragonBall fans then they could release Zeta to a much larger
>and broader market.

If Bandai went G Gundam they'd run the risk of turning off not just UC
diehards, but also a substantial number of the new Wing fans. Some UC fans
may view Wing as a lightweight compared to the likes of Zeta, but compared
to G Gundam, Wing is like Shakespeare :-)

In short, it's quite possible that G Gundam would loose more existing fans
than bring in new DBZ type fans. Plus if you showed Zeta next, you'd
probably turn off quite a few of DBZers.

Not a good marketing strategy IMHO.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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