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> Edmund Chiu writes,
> > Probably, but even then, it's not a "2-way"
> > communication - it's more like a walkie-talkie....
> Ooh, good save! Thanks, Edmund. :-)

    Even if it's a "1-way" only communication, it's still communication,

> > Maybe it's just me, but I just don't think it's that
> > useful or powerful....
> Which? The Zanneck, the Gengaozo, the Zanspine, the psycommu system, a
> newtype-controlled flying platform...?

    Just NT "technology" in V Gundam....

> What I was hinting at is the possibility that Chronocle, like Fara,
> have been turned into an artificial newtype by the end of the series
> the wireless beam shot claw on his Rig Contio, as opposed to the
> wire-guided one on the previous version). Maybe Katejina too, since she
> that remote-controlled cannon device for her Gottratan. That would even
> explain some of the psycho behaviour of the final episodes...

    I was more inclined toward that Chronicle, like Char, is a "late NT"
(Char only shown his NT abilities near the end of the original Gundam, after
he has been exposed to a lot of NT, like Lalah). As for Katejina, I believe
she's an artificial NT, since her behavior near the end is not what I call
"stable" and very much like other artificial NT we have seen through the UC

> Ah, so you reckon that funnels are useful if there are no enemy newtypes
> around to spoil the fun, eh? Tough to say, since the only time I can
> when funnels were used against non-newtypes is the Quin Mantha blowing up
> the La Vie En Rose, which is hardly a fair fight. :-)

    I thought the main reason why funnels are ineffective against NT pilots
is because NT can "sense" the communication between the enemy NT pilot and
the funnels, so you cannot really surprise the target (unless the target is
focusing on something else, like Char was when Haman shot him), while
regular pilots don't have that ability (maybe he will know he's being
targeted, but probably not where the shots will came from). Besides, we
rarely see anybody use funnels ^_^

> Oh, and speaking of F91 - as in your email address - did I ever mention
> the official explanation for the F91's after-images? It's pretty cool.

    I don't think so. What's the official explanation? I thought it has to
do with the heat bio-computer generate and stuff like that...

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