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> > We're all assuming that 'X' would be more accessable to Wing fans, since
> > is the only story in it's universe. I'm not really sure that's the
> > It's certanly more standalone than Zeta. However, when any UC Gundam
> > hears the brief description of the war in the first episode, they'll
> > instantly make make the connection to the OYW. New Gundam fans (or fans
> > with only Wing experience) won't be able to make that connection. It
> > just be a matter of some more exposition in certain spots, but it's
> > something to be considered.
> >
>I never really thought about it like that, actually. With a little dubbed
>exposition at the start of Zeta explaining the setup of the war it could
>work... Zeta is probably the best option for Bandai right now. Loads of
>merchandise already out there, ready to be brought here, lots of MS's to
>give the kids stuff to buy, and they just might gain some moer "adult"
>viewers. Compare that to X which was a notable flop, which has a more
>limited marketing potential... Plus they're going to run out of alternate
>universes pretty quick, so Bandai might consider giving us UC now to try
>and spark interest in that. MSG/Z/ZZ/V is certainly a bigger property than
>any alternate continuity..

One nice thing about Zeta is it would give Bandai a roadmap to the future.
Just think, you finally get to the last ep. of Zeta Gundam (either on TV or
DVD) and right after the last episode it's got a promo for ZZ. They'd
probably wait 6 mos or a year to release the next series, but it's a great
way to keep interest high.

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