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Edmund Chiu writes,

> Probably, but even then, it's not a "2-way"
> communication - it's more like a walkie-talkie....

  Ooh, good save! Thanks, Edmund. :-)

> Maybe it's just me, but I just don't think it's that
> useful or powerful....

  Which? The Zanneck, the Gengaozo, the Zanspine, the psycommu system, a
newtype-controlled flying platform...?

> I believe people are convinced that Chronicle is a
> Newtype, but probably a very weak one - even weaker than
> Usso, which is already pretty weak.

  What I was hinting at is the possibility that Chronocle, like Fara, might
have been turned into an artificial newtype by the end of the series (hence
the wireless beam shot claw on his Rig Contio, as opposed to the incom-style
wire-guided one on the previous version). Maybe Katejina too, since she has
that remote-controlled cannon device for her Gottratan. That would even help
explain some of the psycho behaviour of the final episodes...

> But with the absence of NT in the V era, it should be a
> piece of cake trying to destroy tons of MS with just a
> few funnels ^_^

  Ah, so you reckon that funnels are useful if there are no enemy newtypes
around to spoil the fun, eh? Tough to say, since the only time I can recall
when funnels were used against non-newtypes is the Quin Mantha blowing up
the La Vie En Rose, which is hardly a fair fight. :-)

  Oh, and speaking of F91 - as in your email address - did I ever mention
the official explanation for the F91's after-images? It's pretty cool.

-- Mark

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