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Not discounting Zeta (my fav. Gundam) but I would think that Mobile Fighter
G-Gundam would do much better in the NorthAmerican market. Bandai would
bring in the DragonBall fans then they could release Zeta to a much larger
and broader market.

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I recently sent off an email to Anime Village asking some questions about
their DVD and Gundam releases and found out a few things.

1) 08th MS Team will definately be on DVD when it is released next year.

2) Brain Powered will no longer be released in dubbed format on VHS, but
there are still no clear plans for it to be released on DVD (at least that
the guy who responded, Chistopher Marsh, did not know if it would be).

3) I asked what the next Gundam series to be released would be, listing
several including Zeta, X, MSG, and CCA and F91, and he (Christopher Marsh)
said it "most likely would be" Zeta or Gundam X. Personally, I'd love to see
either, but would probably lean my hopes more towards Zeta.

Just thought some on the list would like to know.


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