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>Aye, there must be a step system to getting MS's, like starting with Leo's.
> in the gundam system i admin'ed, everybody started out with five
>types of GM's, and then they had to earn money (or sweet talk the usually
>female mechanics -- something I got from 0083) to upgrade their GM's. if
>they did the right stuff, then they would be asked to test out prototypes.
>If they really lucked out, they would get to pilot the really nice stuff.
>Of course, there were situations where a nasty ms would be just there,
>abandoned...but I made sure that these had spare parts that were hell to
>get a hold of..
>It made for intersting game play, since one's own MS was a direct
>reflection of one's luck and prowess.

This got me thinkig about basic MS. While I'm sure most people who do
Gundam RPGing probably play Federation characters, it might be interesting
to do a Zeon based campaign. Of course, the Zaku is a lot more interesting
as a starting MS than a standard GM. Lots of interesting possibilities

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