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>RX-89S-This Gundam is nearly
>identical to the original RX-78 series, except 10 years of technological
>research and stolen Zeon technology have allowed it to have a much more
>improved sensor and reaction system than the original. However, UNT's low
>budget permits only one of these to be constructed. It is given to pilot
>Alto Wukong, who repaints it in his own custom colors as the "Flare

Hmmm, does that mean it has a larger headcrest? and that it would have
magnetically coated joints?

RX-89SX-A stealth-model Gundam, using it's black armor and
>minovsky particle generator to keep it hidden from the enemy. Suprisingly,
>it is given to a Zeon defector.

hmmm...kinda like a small Psyco gundam, I would suppose, but it owould be
more round in the edges...

RX-89N-A Newtype-use Gundam, has psycommu
>system and bits. budget. Nevertheless, more powerful than UNT's very
>weak and limited GM line. The pilot, upset that she's got a bland Gundam
>as opposed to everybody else's special mission models, gives it a custom
>paint job which is basically the reverse of the RX-78-2's color scheme.

this would be interesting...would it have large shoulders where the bits
would hide?

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