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>We actually made a scenario where (thanks to Rifts) gundams and macross
>units got into a fight...the moment the SDF-1 fired the main guns, any
>gundam using minovsky drive boost systems (getting paticles from the
>surroundings) got auto shutdowns, because of the vast amounts of charged
>particles in the air...including minovski particles...we later figured that
>this was slightly hooey, but it made for a great scene. by the way, the
>gundams won because they charged in for close combat...beam sabers and
>autocannon rifles do not mix, LOL!

But what if the Macros guys were using VF-11s:

Amuro's Gundam raises it's beam saber high to dramatically slice Isamu
Dyson's VF-11 in half . . .

Then the Isamu pops out his VF-11s bayonet and stabs the Gundam through the

> >Actually I'd say Mekton Zeta (when combined with it's technical
> >Mekton Zeta Plus) can do a pretty good job of it. Hell, it's even got
> >for Super Deformed mecha.
>yeah, but one still has to tweak to one's that damn gp02a

Well, they've got rules for nukes. Figuring out the correct stats might be
a pain though. Of course, the referee could just declare nuclear weapons
are to be handled at Excessive Scale.

>If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a


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