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Tue, 20 Jun 2000 10:23:52 MST

> >>2) Brain Powered will no longer be released in dubbed format on VHS, but
> >>there are still no clear plans for it to be released on DVD (at least
> >>the guy who responded, Chistopher Marsh, did not know if it would be).
> >
> >Are they still planning to release subbed VHS tapes? I hope so, I like
> >series.
> >
>From the impression he gave me, that would be the case. The subs would
>still be released, but not the dubs.
>Chris said he was kinda upset over this because he, like myself, prefers
>dubs (at least good ones) over subs. He wasn't sure about the reasons for
>the decision to cancel the dubbed version though.

This could lead to an interesting reaction if someone whose been collecting
the dubbed tapes (which have a different opening) start buying the subbed
tapes and see the original opening for the first time.


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